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ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice GmbH - Focus on inspection, repair and servicing

ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice GmbH is a subsidiary of ZITEC Industrietechnik GmbH.

Just like ZITEC Fertigungstechnik GmbH ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice offers a service range that exceeds the traditional technical trade with technical components and focuses on inspection, repair and servicing. Our experienced technicians are specialists for technical components in bearing, power transmission and fluid technology and carry out professional operations in maintenance directly on site. In case of power transmission components and bearings our portfolio includes dismantling and change of damaged components as well as dynamic balancing, adjusting by laser and condition monitoring. Further services are the setup of periodic maintenance schedules, documentation of conditions and recommendation of improvement measures.


ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice GmbH 

ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice GmbH is a member of ZITEC Industrietechnik GmbH. In technical trade ZITEC is one of the top three companies in Germany.




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